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#1 SAT/ ACT Test Preparation program in USA
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Best ACT/SAT Test Prep Classes in NJ

Our School

When applying for colleges, the three most important factors to consider are: GPA (Grade Point Average), standardized test scores (such as the SATs, ACTs, etc.), and proper completion of application packages. Because it is essential for a student to manage his/her GPA and keep it high, Y2 Academy not only offers preparation classes for the SAT, but also a GPA Management course for high school and middle school students.

Educational Objectives

It is our goal not only to strengthen the academic skills of students, but also to motivate students to set higher standards for themselves both academically and personally.

By providing a competitive nurturing environment, we encourage students to strive for success in all areas of their lives.

Our Goals

Our mission statement:

It is our mission as educators to set our sights beyond the pursuit of high scores: to consistently meet and surpass the expectations of the students and parents with whom we work, and to instill in our students the self-discipline essential to be successful in today’s competitive society. Academic strength and ability is essential to excelling as a student, but success is achieved through the possession of additional qualities, such as intelligence, confidence, humility, and politeness. 


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